Teamwork in the Lodge

by Shawn Bell

We all came to the Freemasonry with some vague idea of what the Fraternity was. Maybe our fathers or our grandfathers had been members. Maybe we knew a neighbor or a friend who had joined. Or maybe our own interest and curiosity initiated our knocking on the door.

On our first step, though, we learned that what we thought we knew about the fraternity wasn’t even close. When a man joins Freemasonry, he has absolutely no idea of the size of the fraternity, the depth of its character, or the scope of all that it holds. As my Masonic journey has progressed, I have learned that there’s a whole big, wide fraternity outside the walls of my Lodge in Anaheim. There are Lodges in every state and in every country. There are even Lodges in Exile. In every city, there are Brothers.

The most important thing, though, that I’ve learned – and Kevin Stibich has pointed this out to me on numerous occasions – is that I’m part of a team. A team – or band of brothers – who work together to make things happen. Like this Trestle Board, for instance. The Officers all get their articles together, I give ’em a once-over, and Phil Collins puts this whole package together in a great format for each of you every month. When all the parts work together, it’s like a well-oiled machine, working together, to put together something our Lodge can be proud of. But when one little part comes loose, then things don’t always work in harmony. This month’s Trestle Board was late, and it’s my fault. I had too much on my plate, and … well, it won’t happen again. I apologize.

Our Lodge is really coming together this year! We’re working together as a team, our Lodge Officers are fostering enthusiasm and growth within the Lodge and we all seem to have a renewed sense of purpose. New candidates are knocking on the doors, and members are coming back to the Lodge and taking pride in our 141 year old Lodge. Enthusiasm is spreading and fellowship is abounding at Anaheim Lodge.

I encourage everyone to come down to the Lodge and enjoy some fellowship with new and old Brethren alike. We’ve got a lot to celebrate this year!