Past Masters – Fortunate Is The Lodge Which Has Many

The honorable station of Past Master is usually honored by the brethren; generally it is considered as second in importance only to that of the presiding Master. And he is a wise and good Master who sees to it that the brethren of his lodge understand that ‘Past Master’ is no empty title, but carries with it certain rights and privileges, certain duties and responsibilities, all set forth in the general body of Masonic Law, although differing in some respects in different Jurisdictions; certain unwritten attributes which become more or less important according to the character and abilities of the individual Past Master. – Excerpt, The Past Master, Short Talk Bulletin, 1931

Anaheim Lodge #207 was chartered in 1870 by a group of masons to assist a worthy brother in distress. Through the years, decades and even well past the century mark, our Lodge and our Craft has been served with distinction by many great men. As Masters of Anaheim Lodge #207, these men have shown great leadership by their deep involvement in Lodge activities and by the personal sacrifice necessary to steer the Lodge and plot the course for the future.

The Past Master is the backbone of the Craft and the Lodge. We honor those that have come before us. It is their wisdom, knowledge and experience that has lead us to the Lodge that we have become today.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. -Sir Isaac Newton

2017-18-Robb Morris

2016-Hugo Ramos

2015-Brandon Cook

2014-Bruce L. Shapran

2012-13-Ray Dailey

2011-Kevin Stibich

2010-Ron Salda

2009-Ron Maxwell

2008-Reuben ‘Bud’ Coleman

2007-Merritt E. Read

2006-Michael D. Black

2005-Edward F. Roberts

2004-Bruce L. Shaphran

2003-Philip D. Collins

2001-02-Charles J. Ogden

2000-Raphael Pazo, Jr.

1999-Michael D. Black

1997-98-Robert I. Jones

1996-Harvey C. Mayhill

1995-Jerry B. Rutledge

1994-Matthew L. Morgan

1993-Raymond D. Godeke

1992-Peter A. Loutitit

1991-Marion Tatum

1990-Darrell L. Brawley

1989-Steven Reyes

1988-Gaylan H. Garrison

1987-William C. Roberts

1986-R. Dale Hanno

1985-Michael G. Kirk

1984-William B. Turner

1983-Ralph W. Neff

1982-Merritt E. Read

1981-Donald E. Reed

1980-Robert W. Reynolds

1979-Wm. ‘Bill Washburn

1978-Elbert ‘Al’ Weist

1977-Thomas C. Norris

1976-F. Roy Christian

1975-Theodore L. Toogood

1974-Horace A. Zimmerman

1973-Edward F. Roberts

1972-Wm. R. Hughes

1971-John Megas

1970-Sam J. Caldaronello

1969-Lloyd R. Campbell

1968-Douglas N. Cairns

1967-Vertis C. Key

1966-Ernest D. Jarvis

1965-Virgil C. Fransen

1964-Norman B. Smith

1963-Robert E. Smith

1962-Robert A. Morris

1961-Phillip E. Webb

1960-J.F. ‘Blackie’ Selby

1959-Kenneth L. Dunlavy

1958-Charles Fuasten

1957-Jack C. Bonson

1956-Ray Luther

1955-Glen M. Kirk

1954-Gilbert Koehler

1953-Harvey E. Kirk

1952-George Alden

1951-Warren Hodges

1950-Harry P. Bradley

1949-R.W. Brownell

1948-Wm. E. Wright, Jr.

1947-Harold E. Leigh

1946-Lewis Lemke

1945-Dean W. Hasson

1944-Charles Organ

1943-Ralph E. Seward

1942-John M. Casey

1941-Roy E. Field

1940-Fred Davis

1939-J. Bernhard Luth

1938-Carlton S. Barthelmes

1937-Eugene E. Hedrick

1936-Arthur S. Osborn

1935-A.P.M. Brown

1934-A.B. Cross

1933-Elden R. Deering

1932-Arthur H. Shipkey

1931-Hugo V. Schulz

1930-Wm. D. Kohlenberger

1929-Darroll D. Webb

1927-Wm. P. Webb

1927-Thos. Lumsdon

1925-26-Guy B. Daniels

1924-Geo. Settle

1923-Emory E. Knipe

1922-J.T. Johnson

1921-Geo. Jackson

1920-E.H. Metcalf

1919-H.O. Henderson

1918-A. Alexander

1917-M.W. Martinet

1916-T.L. Hoag

1915-M.W. Martinet

1914-Chas Eygabroad

1913-Wm. Falkenstein

1912-J.F. Walker

1911-J.A. Knapp

1910-A.L. Porter

1909-E.C. Holcomb

1907-08-W.H. Spake

1904-06-P.H. Krick

1903-A.S. Bradford

1902-Wm. Crowther

1900-01-A.S. Bradford

1899-Wm. McFadden

1894-98-H.W. Chynoweth

1891-93-Wm. McFadden

1888-90-Philip Davis

1887-Theo Risser

1885-86-Thomas Grimshaw

1883-84-Theo Risser

1882-A.W. Steinhart

1881-Wm. McFadden

1880-A.W. Steinhart

1879-D.E. Miles

1878-David Evey

1877-Theo Risser

1876-F.W. Athern

1872-75-Theo Risser

1870-71-Thomas Casad