From the South – February 2012

Greetings, Brethren!

Well, it’s official: Ray Dailey is our shiny new Master! Congratulations to Worshipful Ray, and thank you to Sandy for putting together a truly memorable Installation celebration!

I know that I, for one, will never be the same after watching Ray hula dance. There are some things that cannot be unseen. Just so that all the Brethren are on the same page as I am, you can see the video here:

Hula Dancin’ Worshipful Ray

In February we will have a great Stated Meeting dinner that will be put on by Job’s Daughters Bethel No. 5. We’re also going to have a FUN Ladies Program while we’re in the meeting, so make sure to bring along your better half. It’s going to be a good dinner, so come on down! The Stated Meeting is February 1st, dinner at 6:30, Stated Meeting and Ladies Program to follow. Continue reading

From the South – January 2012


Another Masonic Year is upon us, and as we get ready to embark on this journey together, I want to – from the very bottom of my heart – thank you all for electing me to serve as Junior Warder for 2012, this is an awesome responsibility. I also want to say with all honesty and sincerity: You put me in charge of your food. What were you all thinking? This is an awesome responsibility!

The month of January has a few events that I’m sure you will all want to attend:

January 4th is Kevin Stibich’s last Stated Meeting as Master. The dinner starts at 6:30pm, with Ron Salda serving the last meal before I take over kitchen duties for the rest of the year (so if you want a good meal, this would be the time to come down). The Stated Meeting starts at 7:30pm, and there will be a Ladies Program. This is a great time to come by and thank Kevin for the TERRIFIC job he did serving as Master for the past year. Continue reading

From the South – December 2011


As we enter this holiday season it allows us as a Lodge and our families to count our blessings for all of the rewards of life we have gained. The friendships and Brotherhood we have treasured this year has made our lives truly a rewarding path.

The month of November was one of further building our Lodge based on based on Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Worshipful Master, Kevin Stibich has had a very successful year and now that the baton is being passed to our Brother, Ray Dailey our newest Master we all look forward to his year, 2012 as one of further building our Lodge with great new ideas and plans. Continue reading