From the West – May 2018

Greetings Brethren,

Membership is a prevailing theme across masonry. I have read several articles at both the local and national levels addressing the anecdote, symptom, origination, and truth arising from declining membership. To narrow scope, I attempt an ethos of virtue but clarify using Tom Wolfe’s The Painted Word (Picador, 2008) which says, “To lack a persuasive theory is to lack something crucial…without a theory, I can’t see a painting.” I agree. In the spirit of transparency, I am not particularly worried about quantity but instead quality, purpose and to a larger degree truth.

Masonry offers to its membership the authentic opportunity to design and build both internally and externally. Masonic teaching uniquely enhances our internal exploration but also offers an external experience to expound upon and test the boundaries of provoking evidence. When a body of masonry expires, while sad, not all is lost and the archives of human collection deepens. How wonderful it was to receive the most recent edition of Collectanea which featured The William H. Peckham ‘Cerneau’ Scottish Rite (10°-13°). This is issued by the Grand College of Rites, a Masonic organization dedicated to presenting “some of the most famous, interesting, disused Masonic and quasi-Masonic Orders” for the purpose of masonic study [Volume 24, Part 3]. Plug – Membership is open to Master Masons in good standing for a nominal fee.

The Cerneau ritual (now defunct) competed against the other Scottish Rite Supreme Councils. Controversy aside, what an interesting opportunity to promote truth echoing from beyond the grave.  From within the Sanctum Sanctorum the reader being reminded the Lord’s requirements of an everlasting life; and in such beautiful degree, the great danger undeterred by the virtuous and zealous Brother who prevails and progresses onward to Perfection.

From the Lodge of Perfection motto: Virtue unites what death cannot separate. Pride of great membership, while convenient, potentially intoxicates power neglecting the true purpose of Freemasonry.

Brandon Cook

From the South – May 2018

Greetings from the Station of Beauty

Brethren, I had the opportunity to attend the Master and Wardens retreat the weekend of April 13th, we had a ton of fun and received great information and ideas.  I do want to encourage every one of our brethren, in good standing, to attend our stated meetings, degrees and the other extracurricular activities so we can share and talk about these ideas and how we can move forward with our lodge, after all, we are the flagship of Masonic lodges in Orange County.


Brief history lesson;

Throughout history, we have been able to date Freemasonry back 300 years. In the 18th century, Masons were not meeting in masonic buildings like we have today. Masons met in taverns and they named their lodges after the name of the tavern. For example; “the lodge of The Goose and Gridiron” met in a tavern called The Goose and Gridiron. They would meet in rooms located above the taverns for their meetings, rooms that were smaller than our library in our lodge. Three of these groups, that met in the Goose and Gridiron tavern, came together to form a Grand Lodge of London and Westminster.  Stay tuned next month for another Brief history lesson.

As we move into the month of May, we will be having Mexican tacos for dinner. We will have a great menu serving beef and chicken with beans and rice on the side. You will be able to make your own tacos with many sides to choose from; cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce. Please join us on May 2nd for our monthly stated dinner and join us for our stated meeting.



Luciano Leon

Jr. Warden


From the East – April 2018

“Friend, Compatriot, Neighbor, Acquaintance,” some of the many descriptions of people we know, all good and well meaning.  However I find my self preferring the title of  “My Brother” when addressing or meeting a fellow Freemason.  It has a ring to it that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.  To be a part of an organization that values “Brother Hood” as one of its principal  tenets can only be one of the greatest feelings for any person, especially for me towards another Freemason.

We have two of our brothers who will be recipients of  “Golden Veterans Pins” in the very near future, celebrating 50 years of Masonic membership and service,  Brother George Cesped and Brother John Elwell, We extend our heartfelt congratulations and affections to both of you.

My Brothers, we are currently involved in “the Raise a Reader”  program in conjunction with Grand Lodge.  We could use a few more contributions from our Lodge to help advance this noteworthy program.  Helping to teach a child to read is a most noble cause.  Lets all see what we can do.  If you are able to help, no matter the size of the contribution, please mail it to the Lodge and we will add it to the other contributions we have collected.

My Brothers, your attendance at Stated Meetings is very important to the life blood of the Lodge.  Come see what is happening and rekindle old friendships as well meet some of the new members, remember “we Meet, Act and Part on the square”.  Hope to see you at the Stated meetings, come, enjoy dinner, enjoy the time with your Brother Masons.

Here it comes guys–“Remember. Real Men Wear Aprons”

Robb Morris

Worshipful Master   🎩