From the West – November 2018

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Strength,

I’m proud to report that we have a healthy baby daughter named Leona Lynn who was delivered at home on the morning of September 24th. Her brother Quinn (almost three) came home from school to meet his little sister with open arms and was equally excited to receive a gift from her (a Matchbox garage and car set). My wife Nastasia is doing great and is already back to her usual activities albeit with a little more tiredness (I’m getting used to the midnight sessions myself). It’s great being a daddy again (or however that is properly worded) and we couldn’t be more blessed at this season of our lives.

I write to you now brethren, ladies and other readers of our trestle board knowing that this could be one of my last articles to you as I’ll be stepping out of the officer’s line next year to focus more intently at home as well as free up some time available for work. I hope it goes without saying that my time with Anaheim 207 has been an incredible journey and the friends I have shared will undoubtedly be lifelong. Although bittersweet, I am confident the line of officers will continue in our efforts with Godspeed, purpose, dignity and repose. I hope the membership at large provide them with your unwavering patience and unconditional  support and I wish the lodge the best of luck in moving forward into 2019.

Before I go, an article titled ‘Modern Lessons’ by Robert Bruneau found in the most recent copy of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar’s monthly quotes, “It is not the primary function of Masonry to initiate candidates or to enlarge its membership. Were it so, there would be no basis for our laws against proselytizing. The ordinary function of a Masonic Lodge, indeed, the primary function of our Craft, is to train its members to an understanding of the truths which its ritual and its ceremonies are calculated to inculcate, to develop its members as benevolent men, to cultivate the social virtues among men, and to propagate the knowledge of the art.” I wholeheartedly agree and this newsletter can be viewed online by visiting which I highly recommend:

Fraternally & Sincerely,

Brandon Cook, PM HA

Senior Warden