From the West – May 2019


As we head into May, I would like to announce changes that are coming our way. One of the biggest changes that is coming is our website. This actually took longer than I expected as I did mention it was going to be complete by the beginning of these year. I underestimated the time it was going to take to complete this. I want everyone to know that we are in the later stages of this and we should be going live with the new website once we are done with the smaller details. Those details include a committee that will be in charge of emails that come in from prospects, just an example. We are trying to make everything as uniform as possible and as easy as possible for anyone that wants to take charge, a quick training session will suffice. I will be training the committee on the emails and adding content to the website. Of course, any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Another committee that I have put together is the committee to plan the 150 year celebration, which is going to be one of our biggest events next year. We will be having a meeting on May 18th to talk about the details of the event and ideas.  

I also got the chance to attend the Master and Wardens retreat this year, and we plan to bring more events. But not only that, as officers of the lodge, it is up to us to give our prospects and brethren going through their degree to have a memorable degree. Part of that is the participation of our brethren on the sidelines. One of the best memories I have as I was getting my degrees, was the attendance of the brethren there to be a part of my upcoming, that I will never forget. I invite ALL of our brethren out to our lodge for degrees and help us give our prospects and brethren a degree they will never forget!.

Thank you for listening,


Luciano Leon

Senior Warden