From the West – July 2019

Greetings Brethren,

The month of June has been extremely busy for us at Anaheim Lodge. To recap the events, we had 2 nights of great and memorable degrees. Starting with the first degree on June 12 when we had the pleasure of initiating Brother Mark Bullock into the fraternity. It was a great turn out and we had the honor of having a few member from Long Beach Lodge and Solomon Staircase Lodge present at the degree.

On June 19, we had a Double Second Degree. We had the pleasure of conferring the second degree of Masonry upon Brother Martin Geotina and Brother Patrik Eskandari. They successfully returned their first degree proficiencies. We once again had the pleasure of having a few member from Long Beach Lodge and Solomon Staircase Lodge.

Congratulations to Brother Mark Bullock on his way to his new lifelong journey. Congratulations to Brother Martin Geotina and Brother Patrik Eskandari on moving forward on your journeys. We look forward to more degrees with all of you.

Even though we have had great degrees this past month, there are still those who have yet to advance. I want to encourage those who have not, to continue to work on your proficiencies. If you do need help, please reach out to your coach. If you do not have your coach information, please contact us and we will guide you to the right person.

On June 8, we had the opportunity to attend the Job’s Daughters International Belthel 5 Semi Annual installation of Officers. It was a great ceremony with a great turnout from other Bethel’s, Anaheim Lodge, Solomon Staircase Lodge amongst other lodges. Congratulations to Patience Davis on being installed as Honored Queen for the ensuing term. Congratulations to the installing officers. It truly was a great installation.

As you may have noticed, we have been working on improving our communication. We now have 2 Trestle Board versions. One that is send out via snail mail, which is limited to the information that we put on it. The second version is a more robust and has a lot more information regarding events and programs, and is accessible online through our website and it is send out via email. We have also started sending weekly emails to all brethren to remind them of the upcoming events for that week. If you are NOT receiving any of these emails, please contact W.M Kevin Stibich; SW Luciano Leon or JW Ash Nalbandyan.

Thank you for Reading,


Luciano Leon, Senior Warden