From the South – Oct 2016

Jr Warden JewelGreetings from the Station of Beauty,

I’m not sure about what happened in lodge in September, but I am familiar with walking 10 miles a day. As you all may be aware I’ve been away from lodge and off the continent since early September. I started in Dublin, traveled to the continent and will be ending my trip back in the UK; in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have been progressively writing this article as I travel through Central Europe and I found numerous statues, buildings and supports identifiable as Masonic. There are still locations where the local lodges support chapels and cathedrals they helped build. This continuous display of friendship and brotherly love is inspiring, to say the least.

Through my adventure, I have come across lodges both small and hidden and large and well advertised. Brothers that have Masonic tattoos and some that do not share at all. It seems that no matter where one travels lodges can be found. We must always endeavor to be brotherly and display the tenets to the outside world. Personally, I am looking forward to Octobers degrees. I hope to see you all there.

Andrew Bowen
Junior Warden