From The South – January 2019

Greetings from the station of beauty,

I am so honored to be the Junior Warden for Anaheim Lodge #207 for the ensuing masonic year. It is an honor that I do not take likely and a dream coming true. That being said, I am here for you. Stated Meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month with dinner promptly starting at 6:30 PM. Dinner for ladies is free but we do ask for five-dollar donations from everybody else. I am excited to work with our new stewards to make a menu that is delicious and fruitful. I will happily take any suggestions for the next year on what meals you would like.

        I am excited for the year to come and all the events the other officers and I have planned. I wish all of you and your families a happy holiday and new year and am eager to see all of you at Stated Meeting in January.


Ash Nalbandyan

Junior Warden