From the East – May 2019

I can hardly believe it is May already and the year is half behind us. That brings us to the Annual Past Masters 3rd Degree. This is also the time of year for for least enjoyable activity in the lodge; sending out notices of suspension. These are not sent until every effort has been exhausted to communicate with the brother and make arrangements for getting them current on their dues.

Suspensions only happen once a brother becomes more than 2 years delinquent. You see the lodge must continue to pay a per capita fee for each member of the lodge to the grand lodge of California. This fee exceeds $50 per member, so if a brother does not pay their dues for one year, this fee is picked up by the lodge. This money comes from the general fund and reduces the ability the lodge has to provide enjoyable programs, financial support to our youth groups and aid and assist a distressed worthy brother. The financial burden taken on by the lodge is even greater when a brother becomes delinquent by 2 years.

The suspension notice is finally sent after every effort has been exhausted and no effort has been made by the brother to make arrangement for their delinquency. The suspension prevents the lodge from continuing to loose money and releases the need to pay the per capita. If you receive a suspension notice please contact me directly or the Senior or a Junior Warden and make arrangements to bring you back to good standing.

Fraternal Regards,

Kevin Stibich,

Worshipful Master