From the East – June 2019


June is already upon us and there are few things I must inform you of as we plan for the remainder of 2019, start planning for 2020, and our quickly approaching 150 year anniversary.

As of the day that I am writing this article, our lodge is prevented from providing any meaningful programs or events intended to retain and inspire our membership or attract prospects from becoming members. The reason for this is not the mismanagement of funds or not being frugal enough for dinners. Anaheim Lodge is way below the mark we need to hit for revenue. We have a few fixed costs that we have little or no control of, such as rent and per capita payment to the Grand Lodge of California. The reason is nonpayment off dues by our membership. Of 248 current members, only 116 have paid through 2019. This provides approximately $8000 of which over half goes toward our rent and we are facing a per capita payment of over $11,000. We will be sending 25 notices of suspension, which will further reduce our membership to 223. In addition, we have 23 members, in which their dues have been remitted for health or other financial difficulties, and 22 life members that generate zero revenue but are counted in our per capita statement.

Please make every effort to attend the June stated meeting, if you have an idea for a solution, wish to catch up your dues, make some sort of an arrangement, or just want to enjoy the fellowship of your brothers. The news is not all bad as we have a very busy slate ahead of us, making new masons and advancing those that have already joined us. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you as you look to renew friendships, reenergize your Masonic connections and renew your travels searching for further light in masonry.

Fraternal Regards,

Kevin Stibich, Worshipful Master