From the East – January 2018

Our Stated Meting scheduled for Jan. 3rd, will kick it off.  There will be numerous announcements to all for the coming year, Just a little but important tease to get you wondering what I (we)  have in mind.

Masonic Education will be one of our priorities, as well as Degree work, and Brother, as well as Family Events will be introduced.

Recently I was asked, “What effect has Freemasonry had on me?”  My answer at that time was.  ” Freemasonry affects men on a deeper level than just simply promising to be good men, good citizens, and good churchgoers.  My experience has been that it is different for everyone who kneels at its altars and receives its degrees.  Every man reacts in his own distinctive way to the ceremonies of Freemasonry, and becoming a Master Mason is indeed a memorable and poignant event for the new Master Mason as well as the brother Master Masons who conferred the sublime degree upon him.”   That is still my answer today.  During January 2018 we are scheduled to confer the Master Masons Degree on two of our brothers.  Third degree conferral’s are presently scheduled for Brother  Eric Franco on January 24th, and Brother Paul Durrell  on January 31st 2018.  Let us attend and show our support for these new Master Masons on their next big step in our journey through Masonry together.

See you in January, and remember,

“Real Men Wear Aprons”

Robb Morris 🎩