From the East – January 2019

Greetings from the East,

I would like to start by saying thank you to the members of Anaheim # 207, for giving me the opportunity to lead this lodge for the year 2019. I am looking forward to building on the solid foundation that was established by our many great Past Masters by enjoying those traditional activities we all look forward to, as well as trying a few new fun things.

What is a lodge and what does it provide? Is it that place you can give freely of yourself, while asking for nothing in return? Is it where traditions are meaningful and morals and ethics are practiced? The place that you are able to express yourself dramatically while learning the lessons we are taught? Maybe it’s a place to have some fun, enjoy some good company and – if you’re lucky – you can even learn some new cooking skills!

If all this sounds like something you want to be part of, then get in the car, summon an Uber or call a friend, and find your way down to Anaheim Lodge this year. Anaheim Lodge #207 has a wonderful history of making truly great men out of good men. We support those that work hard and extend our hand towards those that struggle to help them up.

We don’t gather here – among our equals – to feed egos, we would, instead feed those that are hungry. And we would prefer to do so anonymously; we don’t need to hear our name called just because we do that which should be expected of us as men. Good men. Great men. Freemasons.



Kevin Stibich

Master, Anaheim Lodge #207