From the East – April 2019

Greeting Brethren,

I can’t believe that April is already here! The officers of Anaheim Lodge #207 are working tirelessly on creating the remaining calendar for 2019 and working hard to prepare for their next steps in leadership at Anaheim.

Brotherly love is one of the principle tenets of Masonry and on this principle men from every country, sect, and opinion are united! It’s ok that we may not agree on politics, religion, and the numerous other topics that are discussed and shared on social media every day but please remember we are brothers of a fraternity that treat each other with respect and civility. It has become all too common for individuals on social media to gang up on people and endlessly badger them for having a differing opinion. This will not change their mind or their vote but will surely end that friendship. I ask all of you, don’t let this be you, make a difference and show everyone how Masons should act. Be the example of the person they wish they were! Be a MASON!

Remember that April is Public Schools month! Participate in a public education program at one of the area lodges or just get involved or volunteer at your own child’s school. Anaheim Lodge will be getting our public schools program started once again with a fund raiser pancake breakfast scheduled on Saturday August 17 with the proceeds to be directed to the Raising a Reader program of the California Masonic Foundation.

Fraternal regards,

Kevin Stibich, Worshipful Master

Anaheim Lodge #207