From the East – April 2018

“Friend, Compatriot, Neighbor, Acquaintance,” some of the many descriptions of people we know, all good and well meaning.  However I find my self preferring the title of  “My Brother” when addressing or meeting a fellow Freemason.  It has a ring to it that gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.  To be a part of an organization that values “Brother Hood” as one of its principal  tenets can only be one of the greatest feelings for any person, especially for me towards another Freemason.

We have two of our brothers who will be recipients of  “Golden Veterans Pins” in the very near future, celebrating 50 years of Masonic membership and service,  Brother George Cesped and Brother John Elwell, We extend our heartfelt congratulations and affections to both of you.

My Brothers, we are currently involved in “the Raise a Reader”  program in conjunction with Grand Lodge.  We could use a few more contributions from our Lodge to help advance this noteworthy program.  Helping to teach a child to read is a most noble cause.  Lets all see what we can do.  If you are able to help, no matter the size of the contribution, please mail it to the Lodge and we will add it to the other contributions we have collected.

My Brothers, your attendance at Stated Meetings is very important to the life blood of the Lodge.  Come see what is happening and rekindle old friendships as well meet some of the new members, remember “we Meet, Act and Part on the square”.  Hope to see you at the Stated meetings, come, enjoy dinner, enjoy the time with your Brother Masons.

Here it comes guys–“Remember. Real Men Wear Aprons”

Robb Morris

Worshipful Master   🎩