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What You Get Out Of Masonry

There is a saying which you have heard in Masonry many times: “You get out of Masonry only what you put in it.” There may be a great deal of truth in such a statement, but it is a rather conservative estimate. You get far more out of Masonry than you ever can put into …

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Serving Alcohol In Masonic Lodges

The subject of serving alcohol in Masonic Lodges is governed by the California Masonic Code §811.010, §900.030, and 1200.045. Alcoholic beverages may be sold, served, and consumed on property owned by or leased to a Lodge and at Masonic activities held elsewhere only if the following requirements are observed:

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Lodges and Taverns

The Mother Grand Lodge of the world was planned in one tavern and organized in another, and for many years continued to meet in first one tavern and then another. So also did the new Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland do the same thing. As for the subordinate lodges, it was so universally the …

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