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Bearers of Burden

II Chronicles 2:18 enumerates the bearers of burden at the building of King Solomon’s Temple, but whoever translated that into the Masonic ritual as 70,000 Entered Apprentices was wide of the mark in understating the place an Entered Apprentice occupied among the Medieval Freemasons. An Entered Apprentice might be not only a skillful stone squarer …

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The Flag of Our Country

After a candidate has been raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason, Worshipful Brother Art Paris presents him with a flag of our country – the beautiful stars and stripes. It reminds me of so many things, but the sight of Old Glory indelibly the imprints on my memory the meaning of this …

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What Is Parian Marble?

King Solomon’s Temple … was supported,by 1453 columns, and 2906 pilasters; all hewn from the finest Parian marble. – Webb, Freemason’s Monitor, 1797 “Parian” marble is so called because of its having been quarried on the Isle of Paros, in Greece, an island noted for its being the site of a Doric Temple erected to …

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