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The Pillars

THE PILLARS There were two pillars at the front of King Solomon’s Temple in Biblical times, and they are said to be on the sides of the entrance to our Masonic Lodges. The pillars in King Solomon’s Temple were called Boaz and Jachin, and they symbolized strength and establishment, power and control. Man must have …

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Edinburgh Register House MS

The oldest Masonic ritual in the world is the Edinburgh Register House MS, (Scotland). The following is taken from that catechism, as it appears in Cracking the Freemason’s Code by Robert L. D. Cooper: Question 11: Are there any lights in your lodge? Answer: Yes, three. The northeast, southwest, and eastern passage. The one denotes …

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Symbols generally work on at least four different levels. 1. The Obvious or Literal Level At this level the symbol is generally understood by all. To use a metaphor, a window is a window. 2. The Metaphorical Level Not only is it a window, but it can also be considered to be a window on …

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