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Theological Virtues

The ancient Pagans knew of what we know and call the Cardinal Virtues; Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude, and Justice; they gave them a prominent place in their system of ethics. “Faith, hope, and Charity”, which we know as the “Theological Virtues are very old and come from the writings of Paul in the New Testament. The …

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The Third Degree

An article in the April issue of Southwest Airline’s Spirit magazine explained the origin of various phrases. The explanation of the “Third Degree” was traced to Freemasonry. Here is what the article said: “In the 1880s, many of the higher-ups in New York City’s police force were Freemasons. The highest degree of initiation is the …

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I am Freemasonry

I was born in antiquity, in the ancient days when men first dreamed of God. I have been tried through the ages, and found true. The crossroads of the world bear the imprint of my feet, and the cathedrals of all nations mark the skill of my hands. I strive for beauty and for symmetry. …

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