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Masonic Homes of California

In 1898, the spirit of Masonic charity and the need to assist the widows and orphans of Masons led to the creation of the Masonic Homes of California. These retirement communities in Union City and Covina offer care and services tailored to the changing needs of the individual and designed to help residents enjoy the …

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Relief for Alabama and Tennessee Tornado Victims

Brethren, Many areas of the Southeast were recently struck by a series of devastating tornadoes. Several Grand Lodges suffered loss of life and enormous property damage. The states hit the hardest were Alabama and Tennessee. As Masons, we are concerned about the well-being of the residents of these communities, particularly our brethren and their families. …

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Relief for Earthquake Victims

Brethren, The tragic reports of devastation and suffering resulting from powerful earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand have shocked the world. As Masons, we are concerned about the well being of the citizens of those countries, particularly our brethren and their families. The Grand Lodge of California has established a relief fund for the disasters …

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