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From the West – June 2019

Brethren, We have a busy month of June ahead of us. This month, we have a first degree on June 12, for Mr. Mark A. Bullock, if elected. On June 19, we will be having a second degree for Brother Patrik Eskandari. In the past, I talked about giving our prospects a memorable degree. This …

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From the West – May 2019

Brethren, As we head into May, I would like to announce changes that are coming our way. One of the biggest changes that is coming is our website. This actually took longer than I expected as I did mention it was going to be complete by the beginning of these year. I underestimated the time …

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From the West – April 2019

Greetings Brethren from the West, It’s spring time! This means a lot of things; the beginning of Baseball season, the weather changes (a little), flowers bloom, BBQ grills fire up, and the little snow we got this year begins to melt away. But no matter what season we are in, it’s always Masonic season, a …

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