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From the East – June 2019

Brethren, June is already upon us and there are few things I must inform you of as we plan for the remainder of 2019, start planning for 2020, and our quickly approaching 150 year anniversary. As of the day that I am writing this article, our lodge is prevented from providing any meaningful programs or …

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From the East – May 2019

I can hardly believe it is May already and the year is half behind us. That brings us to the Annual Past Masters 3rd Degree. This is also the time of year for for least enjoyable activity in the lodge; sending out notices of suspension. These are not sent until every effort has been exhausted …

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From the East – April 2019

Greeting Brethren, I can’t believe that April is already here! The officers of Anaheim Lodge #207 are working tirelessly on creating the remaining calendar for 2019 and working hard to prepare for their next steps in leadership at Anaheim. Brotherly love is one of the principle tenets of Masonry and on this principle men from …

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