Category: Anaheim Lodge No. 207

From the East – August 2019

Greetings Brethren, Brethren and friends August is shaping up to be another busy month for Anaheim Lodge. We are raising money for “Raise A Reader”, having a third degree rehearsal; as we hope to get some new brethren exposed and participating in making masons! Finishing the month by raising Brother Martin Geotina to the sublime …

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From the West – March 2018

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Strength, Have you read Graham Hancock’s The Sign and the Seal (Touchstone, 1993) which outlines the description, origin, journey and location of the lost Ark of the Covenant as well as the many mysteries and legends surrounding its historical significance? The story centers around the author’s journey to Ethiopia …

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From the West – Feb 2017

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Strength, Congratulations to all the officers and especially to our 147th Master, Worshipful Robb Morris on an enjoyable installation. I look forward to another successful year of fellowship and fun. We’ve got a busy month of February on the horizon and I encourage our members to show up to …

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