From the South – November 2018

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Beauty,

I had the honor and privilege to attend the 169th Annual Communication held by the Grand Lodge of California in San Francisco. I have never been to San Francisco so just being in the city was a fun experience. The Architecture, landscape and weather was beautiful. The events at Grand Lodge were an eye opening and learning experience for me as well as I had no idea what to expect from this event. I also took the liberty to do some photography around the city and at Grand Lodge.

I would like to congratulate Grand Master Stuart A. Wright on his acceptance in service as Grand Master in the ensuing Grand Lodge year. I would also like to congratulate the now Past Grand Master Bruce R. Galloway on a successful year. Congratulations to all the Grand Officers installed on Sunday October 21st.

As I previously stated, I has no idea what to expect from the event. We went about lodge business. We talked about reports and announcements. The one thing that stood out to me was the ritual and foot work, which was the eye opener for me. I have always been told that ritual and footwork are one of the most important aspects of being an officer of a lodge. I didn’t realize how perfect the angles, horizontals and perpendiculars can be. One of the main points of our lodge is to perfect our ritual memorization and the foot work for degrees. This will not only make a degree most memorable to our brethren in attendance, but most importantly, it will create the best memorable experience for the candidate or the brother receiving the degree. In order to keep giving our candidates and brethren the best and most memorable experience, we keep need to keep practicing because I am a strong believer in the phrase “Practice makes perfect”. We have had a great turnout in our practices and we hope that we can perfect our craft. Seeing the ritual and footwork done to perfection made me realize that what we do is truly an art.

I would like to announce that we will be having our Annual Election of Officers at our November stated meeting on November 7th. I want to encourage our brethren to attend this meeting and all of our other meetings as well. At our November stated dinner, we will be having a Thanksgiving theme feast. We will also be holding our 149th Annual Installation of Officers on December 12th, 2018.


Luciano Leon

Junior Warden