From the South – January 2011


As we enter the New Year, Anaheim Lodge will be entering a new era in building a renewed dedication in Brotherly support in our Masonic families.

We finished the year with a truly successful Holiday extravaganza on December 15 that was well attended and everyone had a great time. The new Line for 2011 made this dinner a success, which was a gift to the Brethren and Lodge for the Holliday Season.

A number of Lodge members assisted the Police Department of the City of Santa Ana in providing toys, food and entertainment to 15,000 unfortunate families. They were treated to joy and happiness for the Holiday Season. Continue reading

From the East – February 2012


The Installation of Officers has closed. The kitchen has been cleaned, the trash has been taken out and all of the decorations have been packed away. As I sit here, after all the festivities are done and the energy and noise and confusion and joy of the event have ceased and the quiet surrounds me, I am overwhelmed. I am staring at a blank screen trying to figure out how to put all of the emotion I’ve been feeling over the past week into words and know that the cop in me really wants to ‘write the report’ and then let me go to sleep. Unfortunately, if that happened, my article would read: Continue reading

From the East – January 2012


As Anaheim Lodge No. 207 looks forward to it’s 142nd year as a California Masonic Lodge, I wanted to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve as Master of the Lodge for 2012.

This year we are looking forward to continuing with the great traditions our Lodge has set in motion. We’re also looking at trying on some new ideas – like Fellowship Nights – with our members, and we are excited about the events that we host at our Lodge – like the Sweethearts Luncheon, the Grand Master’s Orange County Reception, as well as other great events that I know you’ll be excited to attend. Continue reading