From the South – April 2017


After speaking with Worshipful Morris, I’m going to start working on some Masonic education pieces to present on slower nights. So I’m putting it to all of you, this should be a two-way street! What do you want to learn about? What aspects of ritual, etc. have you always had questions about? Please see me at Lodge or drop me an e-mail (

Also, just a continued shout out to Bro. Ash Nalbandyan for his amazing work helping out in the kitchen! He and his fiancé Jamie worked long hours before our last stated meeting to prepare that delicious corned beef and cabbage dinner for everyone. It turned out so great and their contribution to the Lodge cannot be overlooked. Thanks, Ash & Jamie!

James Cervantes
Junior Warden

From the East – Feb 2017


Thank you for your support shown by electing me Master for 2017. I will endeavor to serve the Lodge and Masonry to the best of my ability. In spite of the weather man not cooperating with us on our Installation, we had a good turn out. Mostly wet, but we prevailed and got the job done. Thanks to all the brethren who assisted in the installation as well as the reception following. We jump into February with our Stated Meeting on the 1st, a 3rd Degree for Brother Aiden Johnson on February 8th at 7:00pm. Lets all turn out and show our support and pride for our new Master Mason to Be. Then we will welcome a new Brother, if elected at Stated Meeting, to our Fraternity with a 1st degree on the 15th.

Our New Junior Warden James Cervantes will be presenting the “Widow’s and Sweethearts Luncheon” on the 11th. Lets all support it, and show the Widows of our Lost Brothers that we have not forgotten them or their service to Masonry. On January 11th, we conferred the 1st Degree on Br. Shinji Hari, and on the 18th we conferred the 1st Degree on Br. Noah Ritter. We welcome them both into the Anaheim Lodge and wish them a fruitful Masonic Career. Be sure to welcome them when you meet them. They both represent the life blood of Masonry.

My Brothers, now I must address a matter of great importance, we have numerous brothers that are in arrears in their dues, this is an important matter and needs to be addressed. We need the dues to operate the lodge on a even keel, if we come up short it hurts all of us. If you have paid your dues for 2017, Thank you, if you have not, please mail them to the Secretary as soon as possible, every little bit helps. As Masons we seek to serve and educate ourselves to live and act on a higher level, thus, we take our responsibilities seriously. Hope to see you at our Stated Meeting on February 1st. Don’t forget my battle cry “REAL MEN WEAR APRONS” but know we wear them proudly.

Robb Morris

From the West – Feb 2017

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Strength,

Congratulations to all the officers and especially to our 147th Master, Worshipful Robb Morris on an enjoyable installation. I look forward to another successful year of fellowship and fun.

We’ve got a busy month of February on the horizon and I encourage our members to show up to Brother Aiden Johnson’s 3rd degree on Wednesday, February 8th. We’ll also probably confer the 1st degree on the following Wednesday, February 15th on Mr. Mohamad Sfarjalani. As always, the online calendar continues to reflect the most current addions/changes/omissions and I hope everyone is familiar with it at

As the new circle of concern spokesman, I await your messages and will pray for a positive year of healing and prosperity. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to sooth your afflicons or relieve your distresses. As de facto candidate’s coach, I’m also proud to report that Brother Andrew Bowen has committed himself to the advancement of our candidates via his degree promotion program. In short, we are continuing to stress that all entered apprences and fellowcrafts are assisting at all stated meeting dinners and programs. This is not only for your benefit, but also, the overall benefit of the lodge at large. Getting to know each other is a two-way street.

As our Junior Past Master, Worshipful Hugo Ramos noted in his parting speech to us [in so many words], “The success and leadership of the lodge is greater that then the sum of its individual parts.” We, simply put, need your help! Thank you to Worshipful Ramos for his dedication, love and support of our lodge and for leaving the lodge in a better position than how he received it.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Brandon Cook, PM HA
Senior Warden