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From the West – Oct 2016

Greetings my Brothers, The best of wishes to the Brothers of Anaheim #207, their families and our extended family of of all Masons whether so ever dispersed around the globe. Sound familiar, should be, It is important to all of us, and serves as the cement that binds. Our Masonic year is progressing, and we …

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From the West – Sept 2016

Greetings my Brothers, As this Masonic year progresses towards its finish, I must remind you that we still have a great many masonic endeavors to complete. We still have several Degree Nights where we will be welcoming new Brothers into Masonry and our Lodge. Remember that we need to show our support to the new …

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From the West – August 2016

Greetings my Brothers, As Masons, we hold our principals and guiding values very close to our hearts. We make use of allegorical working tools to demonstrate to others that we treat our fellow citizens with respect, as we share a common moral code. Now is the time we should demonstrate to the world that we …

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