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From the West – July 2011

Brethren, Summer is upon us! During the month of July, we celebrate an important holiday – Independence Day – which is a federal holiday celebrated every year on the Fourth of July. This holiday celebrates the adoption by the thirteen original colonies – through the Second Continental Congress – of the Declaration of Independence on …

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From the West – June 2011

Brethren, It is great to see so many Brothers showing up to our Stated Meeting dinners, our Degrees and our events! This is a great rebuilding year, and we all look forward to seeing more and more of our members come back to the Lodge every month! Remember, Brethren, Freemasonry is YOUR fraternity, and Anaheim …

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From the West – May 2011

Brethren, The Month of May offers us several unique holidays, including May Day and Loyalty Day, V-E Day, Nurse’s Day, Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. We start the month with festivals across the country (and northern Europe) marking the end of the unfarmable winter half of the year and anticipation of the …

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