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From the South – August 2016

Brethren, As in all endeavors, we must always remember to act upon the Plumb. Let us always be upright in our endeavors, and let us not fall into intemperance or excess. Freemasonry cannot survive without our brethren. It takes a lodge to raise a village. I feel there are many times the lodge falls short …

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From the South – July 2016

Brethren, Last month was a hectic month with two dinners and a plethora of lodge nights. This month I hope we can look forward to a nice relaxing month with a stated meeting dinner of Fourth of July fair and a nice short meeting. We are getting closer to the Second Annual BBQ competition, and …

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From the South – June 2016

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Beauty, A gargantuan thank you to all those who made May dinner a success! As you may have heard, there were a few issues with the refrigeration and disappearance of food, but overall I was pleased by the people who stepped up This month is going to be very …

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