From the East – May 2016

Masters JewelBrethren,

Welcome to May.  The month of March was a great month for the Lodge.  The Grand Masters Reception was held at the Lodge and was hosted by Orange County’s OCMOA which represented the majority of the Lodges in the County.

Being the Chairman, I again want to thank all the Brethren who helped make this event a success, especially for the Grand Family.  I did write about this event in last month’s Trestle board, but again have chosen to bring it up for a special reason.  The Grand Master David Perry, as he travels the State and visits Lodges, presents to the seated Master a hand sized Ashlar.  The Grand Master stated that “Masonic Ashlars” mean that he hoped that newly Installed Lodge Masters would apply the Ashlar as he did, as symbols to live by from one of the most important representatives of our Fraternity.  That as we walk through life we gain wisdom and understanding of ourselves and Brothers we reach out to.  As a representative of the Ashlar, each of us should continue to make our Ashlar (ourselves), more perfect to God, Our Country and Brothers, whom we share our lives with.  We should remember that the Ashlar is a symbol of our life’s journey, where each day we make our travels smoother and perfect in life.  Let each of us in the Lodge strive each day to be just a little better in our travels to mankind and the Craft we are sworn to support, protect and help.

In the month of April, Br. Ashot Nalbandyan received his Entered Apprentice Degree and for this we all applaud and welcome him to the Lodge & Craft. Brothers Jose Neyra and Abdulkader Rahmo received their Fellowcraft Degrees and we congratulate their Second step to that Stairway of becoming a Master Mason.  The Lodge is very blessed to have these men become support to the Pillars of Our Lodge.

We welcomed visiting Brother Free Masons from Western Australia (right) and Brazil (left) at our April Stated Meeting and where presented with Eagle prints by W. Br. Harvey Mayhill, HA, PM-99, visiting from N. Carolina. I would like to thank the Officers of the Lodge in building and supporting Brotherhood and the Program.  Our Junior Warden did a fantastic job on our April stated meeting dinner.  Great job Brother Rob Morris as always was there to make the Lodge Ashlar just a little more perfect. 

The month of May will be a busy month for the Lodge.  Our stated meeting will be on 4 of May.  Dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. and our stated meeting business will be at 7:30 p.m.  We will have a number of Degrees with a special activity, which will be announced at the stated meeting.

Thanks to all the Brethren for their support and help in making our Lodge what it is and how it contributes to the Craft and Grand Lodge.

Hugo Ramos, HA

From the West – May 2016

Sr Warden JewelGreetings my Brothers,

The Master and Wardens Retreat for 2016 is now in the History Books.  Discussions and presentations centered around the 2020 Plan for our fraternity.  We have four main objectives:
Rewarding member experiences, Meaningful and memorable ritual experiences, Strong lodges and halls, and Our impact on society. 

We hope to be able to institute as many of the objectives that fit our lodge as possible, as we can, as soon as we can.  We will be seeking assistance from many of you to aid in the implementation of the new programs, and will welcome your feedback.

This summer is going to be busy.  We have our Blood Drive/BBQ/Smoke Off in August. As well as picking up the pace on our Pasta and Sauce collection for Catrenia’s Club to help provide Hot Meals to the Motel Kids in our community. Committee work will be starting on our 150th Anniversary.  Any brother that would like to participate in the officers line for next year is encouraged to contact me soon.

Brothers, let us move forward, support our Lodge and enjoy our friendship and brotherhood we derive from Masonry.

Remember my brothers. “Real men wear aprons”.

Fraternally yours,
Robb Morris
Senior Warden

From the South – May 2016

Jr Warden JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Beauty,

I would like to personally thank you all for sending me to the Master and Wardens Retreat. There is much I have learned and have hopefully imparted to other lodges in the route. Events like these help to strengthen the bonds of the fraternity and bring about discussion and plans of action.

During the retreat, I found myself in a conundrum. During a lecture, the topic of Intent vs Impact was brought up. There are so many wonderful things we can do as a lodge, both internally and externally, but lodges tend to fall short. Displaying the wonders of the craft to the outside world is all well and good, but being able to bring that back to yourself and lodge is the hard part. I personally found myself reevaluating what it means to be a member and officer of a lodge. It is my hope that it will be a question that you ask yourself for serious contemplation. 

Lastly, I would like to thank all those candidates and brothers that have and continue to assist in the dinners. It is men like you that allow this fraternity thrive.

Andrew Bowen
Junior Warden

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