From the East – May 2015

Masters JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Wisdom

I hope everyone that participated in our Masonic Education night on 4/22/15 enjoyed the event. I’d like to personally thank Brother Echesabal for having the courage to put that together. We also had so much fun at Saady Qazi’s 3rd degree night and I noticed more than 30 brethren in attendance. Please see the picture inserted later in the trestle board. Again, my gratitude goes out to Brother Asad Qazi for his donation and continued support & contributions to our lodge. Read the rest of this entry »

From the West – May 2015

Sr Warden JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Strength

The month of May is already here and Anaheim has a busy month. We will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo and this will be a good opportunity for those of you that have not been to the lodge to come back a meet our new brothers and celebrate with us at our stated meeting. This month also has Past Master’s night where we’ll be conferring the 3th degree on Brother Ed Gonzaga. That is a great opportunity for you to see Past Masters do some great work. All Master Masons are invited see the degree. Read the rest of this entry »

From the South – May 2015

Jr Warden Jewel

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Beauty

Anaheim 207 continues to steam roll down the Masonic Highway.  Another month has passed and on May 6th, we will be honoring Teachers, Fire Fighters, and Law Enforcement for the excellent work they perform.  Our Public Service Personnel perform their missions day in and day out, and I am sure we consider ourselves lucky to have them.  Let’s take time to show them our appreciation where we have a great dinner, awards and a donation planned to be presented that evening. Read the rest of this entry »

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