From the East – May 2013

In this month’s communication, I feel moved to talk about the importance of fellowship. We all know about the passing of Worshipful Norman Leeper last month. His passing, as well as all other Brethren, reminds us of the importance to keep in close contact with each other as much as possible. As time moves on and some Brethren have moved away, let’s not forget the simple act of an occasional phone call to keep in touch and when able to meet in person, don’t forget a simple handshake or word goes a long way in keeping a strong Fellowship.

None of us knows what tomorrow may bring, so don’t miss any opportunity when it presents itself to keep in contact. I would like to commend Worshipful Danny Witherspoon From the West Ray Dailey, PM, Master Bruce Shaphran, PM Sr. Warden and Worshipful Bruce Shaphran for an outstanding memorial service.

Our Reagan Library Trip in April was an overwhelming success. Special thanks to Brother John Porter and his wife Agnes for organizing and putting together such an outstanding event.

In recognition of Cinco de Mayo, we will be having a Mexican menu at our Stated Meeting. The attire for this Stated Meeting will be polo shirts and slacks. To honor our visiting brethren from Australia on May 15th, please wear business attire.

As the recent Boston Marathon tragedy reminds us, keep in your thoughts and prayers our first responders, the police, firefighters and emergency personnel. Also, always be thankful for our Military men and women who work tirelessly to help keep our nation safe and free.

May peace and harmony be with you daily.

Ray Dailey
Worshipful Master


From the West – May 2013

My Brothers,

Anaheim Lodge #207 has had a growth spurt in recent months. We

can always use more applications.

Friends are always invited to ouropen events. Invite your non-masonic

friends. Come to lodge enjoy the company of your Brothers. Let us fill the sidelines once again like the years past.

I want to thank the lodge for sending me to the Wardens Retreat. Grand Lodge has put together an interesting program for your elected officers. It was a delight to attend.

See you in Lodge,

Bruce Shaphran, PM

Senior Warden


From the East – November 2012

November is here and it brings to us a full month. It brings with it the elections, degrees and the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I would like to first and foremost thank the brethren and their wives for an outstanding turnout at our October Stated Meeting. The ladies seemed to enjoy their time doing crafts, led by Sandy Dailey and Kim Reed. During this time, the men attended the Stated Meeting which was opened for the very first time on the First Degree. The meeting went exceptionally well. It was nice to have Brian Messenger, our Inspector, present to address any issues that may have come up. Additional revisions have since arisen which are addressed elsewhere in this month’s Trestle Board. Please take the time to read and understand or bring any questions to the November Stated Meeting. Read the rest of this entry »

From the West – November 2012

Thank you for Giving

As we enter the Holiday Season it makes us think of how fortunate life is and to reach out and be there for our Brethren, our families, our Country and to that great spiritual support in that celestial Lodge above.

Our travels are not a destination, but a journey down that path of life. It is important that we reach out to the Lodge and Brethren and be that inspiration of Brotherly love, relief and truth. People that are around us who embrace the Craft and the world we are a part of, we should give that little extra that can be remembered that impressionable smile. Read the rest of this entry »

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