From the East – Oct 2016

Masters JewelBrethren,

We have a busy month in October with our Stated Meeting this Wednesday. Remember dinner is at 6:30pm. On the 12th, there is Master Mason Degree for Brother Ashot Nalbandyan at 7:00pm and the following week, Oct. 19, we will have a 2nd Degree for Brother Aiden Johnson.

The Officers will be travelling to San Francisco Oct 28 through 30 to attend Grand Lodge 167th Annual Communication. We will discuss the pending legislation at our stated meeting. Please let the Officers attending know of your position on this important legislation.

Just a reminder Brethren, at Nov. 2nd Stated Meeting, we will have the Election of Officers for the Ensuing Masonic Year. I encourage all Brothers to attend and Master Masons of Anaheim Lodge to cast your vote.

This last month on Friday evening September 9th, W Merritt and Kim, W Phil Collins, W Heinz Feuerbach, John and Agnes Porter, Luciano De Leon and I attended a special program held by Long Beach Pyramid # 43, Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots. This is a masonic related organization that many Masons belong to. Their leader, called the Toparch, was W Mike Williams. The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was W Mike Selix, who would be installed as Toparch the next day. The event was the 1st Annual Sciots Cornerstone Award for Service to Masonry. A very nice dinner was served with entertainment by Clarence Ulrich. Following the dinner, 10 Masons were honored for their service to Masonry. Two of the honorees were W Larry Griffin, PM and our own W Kevin Stibich, PM. They were presented with a very nice pin, certificate and engraved cornerstone. Congratulations to all for the special evening. Merritt was kind enough to prepare this report for the lodge.

I am saddened to report that Brother Tom Horngren, HA, passed away today, October 1. I will send out notice via the lodge website and email when the arrangements for the Memorial Service for Brother Horngren
is complete.

Hugo Ramos, HA

From the West – Oct 2016

Sr Warden JewelGreetings my Brothers,

The best of wishes to the Brothers of Anaheim #207, their families and our extended family of of all Masons whether so ever dispersed around the globe. Sound familiar, should be, It is important to all of us, and serves as the cement that binds. Our Masonic year is progressing, and we find ourselves entering the Fall season, The time of Holidays, Conventions, and other celebrations important to our Fraternity. We have been working hard during the year to help us succeed. Looks like we are going to make it, doesn’t surprise me at all, because we have our heads on straight, and know where we journey.

October will be a busy month with Stated Meeting, degrees, and preparation for the Annual Convocation in San Francisco. The Legislation will be presented to us at the October Stated Meeting, aend and see what will be voted on for the coming year. Don’t be afraid to make your concerns known. It is important to us all.

The final push for Pasta and Sauce is being made for the Motel Kids. Have any to donate, we will accept it at the upcoming meeting. We will also let everybody know the date and time for the donation delivery. Participation my Brothers is vital to all of our Activities, weather it be Stated or Degree Meetings. I want to thank all of the brothers, too numerous to name for the help given and happily received at our Activities.

The health and well-being of our brothers should be of our utmost concern. Please make an effort to assist any that need our assistance. Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth for all. Remember my Brothers, “Real Men Wear Aprons”.

Fraternally yours,
Robb Morris
Senior Warden

From the South – Oct 2016

Jr Warden JewelGreetings from the Station of Beauty,

I’m not sure about what happened in lodge in September, but I am familiar with walking 10 miles a day. As you all may be aware I’ve been away from lodge and off the continent since early September. I started in Dublin, traveled to the continent and will be ending my trip back in the UK; in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have been progressively writing this article as I travel through Central Europe and I found numerous statues, buildings and supports identifiable as Masonic. There are still locations where the local lodges support chapels and cathedrals they helped build. This continuous display of friendship and brotherly love is inspiring, to say the least.

Through my adventure, I have come across lodges both small and hidden and large and well advertised. Brothers that have Masonic tattoos and some that do not share at all. It seems that no matter where one travels lodges can be found. We must always endeavor to be brotherly and display the tenets to the outside world. Personally, I am looking forward to Octobers degrees. I hope to see you all there.

Andrew Bowen
Junior Warden

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