From the East – February 2016

Masters JewelA message from the East,

My brethren, we are already in the month of February and I would like to start by inviting you to come to the lodge and have a good time. Our Sweethearts luncheon is going to be on the 13th and our Junior Warden has prepared a very special day for them. We have several degrees coming up for this month and I invite you to participate. I would like to congratulate and welcome Brother Neyra on his first degree and Brother Washington on his passing to the degree of Fellowcraft.

On the second week of the month, let’s make a good impression on two new candidates (if elected) and let’s make our Brother Garo proud of his son, who will be initiated in our ancient and honorable fraternity. On March 6th, OCMOA will be having their reception for the Grand Master and tickets are already on sale for $25. They will be serving delicious BBQ for lunch. All proceeds will go to the Grand Master’s project, so let’s welcome the Grand Master to his reception in Orange County with a strong show of support from Anaheim.

Hugo Ramos
Hugo Ramos

From the West – February 2016

Sr Warden JewelMy Brothers,

The world of Freemasonry is well and thriving in Anaheim Lodge #207. Our lodge is experiencing growth; growth in numbers as well as spirit. We respond to our brothers’ success with gracious words and true expressions of joy in their success and sincere feelings for their sorrows and losses.

We need to remember that we are Masons first and members of other bodies afterwards. We cannot be active in the other bodies of Masonry without first being a member of our Lodge. The health and strength of our Blue Lodge depends on the actions of our brothers remembering that being Blue is True. The Blue Lodges are the heart and soul of Masonry. There is nothing wrong with membership in the other Masonic Bodies, remembering that the existence of the other bodies is dependent on the existence of strong Blue Lodges.

Our attendance at meetings is important, learning our ritual and assisting in the degrees is vital to the life of our lodge, as well as Masonry in general. Let’s get involved and build our lodge. Don’t forget the Motel Kids and our partnership with Catarina’s Club. They need our support, and this is a good way to show our support for the community.

Until next time we meet,

Fraternally yours,
Robb Morris
Senior Warden

From the South – February 2016

Jr Warden JewelThis month we have Stated Meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd and the Sweethearts Luncheon on Saturday, February 13th. Please come down and support Brother Senior Steward Patrick LaBrecque in his endeavor to provide us with a delicious taco night for stated meeting. Invitations have been sent out for the Sweethearts Luncheon to the widows. If you are interested in attending please contact Agnes Porter to receive more information.

Also, if you are interested in assisting in the preparations, serving or clear down at the Sweethearts Luncheon, please let me know. The Grand Master’s Reception will be a fun event for everyone. Please contact OCMOA Officer’s for tickets. We’ll have some at the Stated meeting waiting for you.

Andrew Bowen
Junior Warden

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