From the East – Oct 2017

My Brothers,

We are winding down this Masonic year, looking forward to another great year. Our October Stated Meeting will start the wheels in motion for next years officer selection. Please make a special effort to attend the November Stated Meeting to ballot on the Election of your Officers for the ensuing Masonic Year.

On September 20th, we had the distinct pleasure of conferring the Hiram Award on Wor. Kevin Stibich for his distinguished service to our lodge as well as Freemasonry. It was a night of celebration for our lodge as well as for Brother Kevin.

The 168th Annual Communication will be held October 13-15 in San Francisco. I will be attending and look forward to a successful meeting. I will give a full report at the stated meeting in November. That meeting will also be election night for the upcoming Masonic year. At the October meeting, we will also have a presentation on our American Constitution by Brother John Elwell. He is our resident lecturer on this subject and we are fortunate to have him.

Just a thought, as we sit in lodge and look around at our brothers, perhaps we should review in our hearts as well as our minds, “are we being as good a brother to them as we expect them to be to us.”

We still have several brothers delinquent in their dues, please get them caught up or contact Laurence Collister, our Secretary, to make arrangements. We rely on the dues to support the lodge and allow us to function as good Masons for the well being of all our members, their widows and orphans.

See you at the October Stated Meeting and remember: Real men wear aprons.


Robb Morris

Worshipful Master

From the West – Oct 2017

Greetings Brethren from the Station of Strength,

The month of October hosts some great events in masonry. Most likely, we’ll have two second degrees on the 18th. The last I checked, we have nobody who can perform the charge from heart which is an opening for you (the reader of this notice) to make a manual contribution to your lodge and we would all (especially the candidates) appreciate the work.

Those of you future members of El Bekal Shrine have an opportunity to be initiated at the October 8th Ceremonial at 10:30am if you get your applications in to me quickly (no promises if handed in by the 6th). Monday Night Football continues to be a celebrated event at the Shrine and continues during each Monday this month at or around the posted game time. Bring your 5 bucks for all you can eat and wear a funny shirt (everybody else seems to do the same). If you are able bodied and stick around after the game, expect to help clean up and take a load off of yours truly. Lastly, all friends are welcome to join the Shriner Halloween Party on Sunday October 29th at 1pm.

Don’t forget that the OC York Rite continues to meet (until the end of the year) on the 3rd Monday and Saturday of the month. Starting in the new year, all three bodies will probably meet on the 3rd Saturday mornings due to the traffic on Monday nights causing members conflicts. The De Molay young men continue their efforts on the 2nd and 4th Mondays and the Bethel ladies continue their efforts on the 3rd Monday. Both of our local valleys of the Scottish Rite meet on either the first Monday 2nd (OC) or the second Tuesday 10th (Long Beach). On Sundays in Long Beach, they host a friendly at the Hiram Fellowship Center where they BBQ in the noontime bliss. The house on premises used to host Shrine activities as well as the York Rite but it has been rehabbed into a gorgeous fraternity house with available sleeping arrangements for visiting brethren.

Lastly, an ambitious brother submitted a blueprint of the Washington Monument to the Lego Company which in turn gets included as a possible future Lego kit but it needs your votes. As masons, we will pay a small portion of our dues to fund the ongoing renewal efforts of the temple and this offers an interesting campaign to market this great endeavor and achievement of masons to commemorate our great leader. Go to and search for “House of the Temple” to get started. You’ll need to register first but it takes a whole 5 minutes to complete. I personally think it would be fun for each lodge to donate this future hopeful Lego kit to our De Molay chapters and perhaps even help put it together operatively. Tell your friends that exciting things are happening through Masonry!

Fraternally & Sincerely,

Brandon Cook
Senior Warden

From the East – Aug 2017

My Brethren,

My brothers, we have had a few technical glitches in the last two Trestle Boards, so we will attempt to bring events up to date. On June 21 st we celebrated our Past Masters Night and conferred the Third Degree on Brother Joshua Franco. It was a great evening enjoyed by all, Welcome Br. Franco upon your attainment of the sublime degree of Master Mason. I am sure you will be very successful in your journey down your Masonic path.

On July 19th we conferred the Third Degree on Brother Johnnie Nix, he has worked hard and strong to attain his status as Master Mason.

Be sure to greet both of our newest Master Masons when you see them, wish them well and revel in their attainment. The exemplification of the Master Mason Degree signals a bridge we have all crossed or will in the near future. Lets turn out and demonstrate to our brothers our support as they advance up the ladder of Freemasonry. We all fondly remember our degrees, your support for our new brothers is a good way to show it.

Our Chaplin Brother Craig Holoboski has achieved the Cross of Honor for his distinguished service to De Molay. It is an honor well deserved and conferred on a most worthy brother. We all join in and congratulate him on this Honor.

As the Masonic year moves forward, we have had new Brothers join our ranks, and several excell in the advancement, we are indeed to have the fellowship and love displayed by our Brothers in Masonry. During the coming months we will continue to further our goals and aspirations of Anaheim Lodge 207 on our journey along this Ruff and Rugger Road, one which we gladly journey with one another.

Please join us for our stated meeting on August 2nd. Until then my brothers remember “Real Men Wear Aprons”.

Robb Morris Master