From the East – April 2015

Masters JewelGreetings from the Station of Wisdom

Time flies when you are having fun. We have been so busy that it’s easy to be surprised by the fact that we are already through the first quarter of 2015. Where does the [level of] time go? I hope the ladies and brethren are well on their way to accomplishing those New Year’s Resolutions set forth less than 100 days ago (my 10,000 steps a day challenge was re-negotiated down to 5,000 already). I’ll save you from my own excuses.

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From the West – April 2015

Sr Warden JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Strength

Another month has gone by so fast. We had the pleasure to witness 3 excellent proficiencies returned last month and I’m happy to see so many young guys joining the lodge. I’m also eager to see how they can help as they are already asking how to get in the line to become officers. The future of the lodge is looking bright. This month we had Worshipful Phil Collins in attendance and it was great to see you Phil. I encourage all Past Masters and members that have not been in lodge to reunite with us again.

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From the South – April 2015

Jr Warden JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Beauty

“Time Marches On” We are entering the second quarter of this Masonic year.  We have been busy with our “Work of Making Masons”, and having a great time.  As we enter the Easter month, I guess that we will have some form of Ham dish at the Stated Meeting.  We can’t stop thinking about food for our Brethren.  Keeping you well fed and sassy is fun but also a lot of work.

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