From the East – Nov/Dec 2015

Masters JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Wisdom

I hope it goes without saying that it’s been a real honor and a pleasure serving the lodge this year but particularly and especially to our excellent staff of officers. You all (including too many others to name) have inspired me and allowed me the support and dedication to discharge my duties with gratitude, confidence and joy. This is truly a year that I will never forget and I thank you my brethren for the opportunity. I will look back over the years with pride and comfort knowing that we gave it our all.

We have only a few more meetings before the year is out. November will host our usual and regular election of officers with our public installation that following Saturday at 5pm (dinner will be provided). It is with confident resolve that I hereby recommend our current line of officers for promotion as well as welcome Brother Ramos’ chosen appointments as additions to our line. I look forward and anticipate a delicious dinner and a harmonious election (remember the trowel’s emulation of who best can work and best agree). In December we’ll have a holiday party at our stated meeting dinner.

By the year’s end, our staff of officers, Past Masters, visiting Brethren and traveling companions together will have planned, participated, attended and/or gave witness to over 100 meetings including but not limited to stated meetings and its dinners, degree conferrals, fund raisers, blood drives, education nights, officer nights out, lodge visitations, trustees & other committees, qualifications, OCMOAs, OSIs, Secretaries, Treasurers, Masters and Warden’s Retreats, Grand Master’s Reception, Youth Orders and Appending Bodies visitations, Annual Communication…and these are only the meetings I can remember or refer to on our official calendar but I can confirm that we had many other informal 1-on-1s, breakfasts, lunches, phone calls (sometimes in the middle of the night), emails, letters and the like. I reflect on the symbolism of the beehive and the bee in short, “[that] we should ever be industrious ones; never sitting down content while our fellow creatures around us are in want.”

I’m reminded of our departed brethren who through it all have returned to their final places of rest. I can’t help but think of the hour glass, not necessarily for its emblem of human life but its dichotomy between upper & lower, life and death, heaven and earth. Let it remind us at times, our need to reverse our attitudes and actions for continuity. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as my wife Nastasia and I are expecting our first baby boy sometime in early November. If I am missing from one or more of our upcoming events, I trust you’ll know why.

Finally, I ask that the Lodge be serviceable to Brother Ramos in his year as Master. He is not only willing, qualified and able but has earned the respect and affection of all good Masons yet still requires our careful protection, obedience and consideration as he expounds his duties. Serving him faithfully as our new Chief will ultimately be my greatest reward from the Lodge and he and his staff of officers have my unabridged & unconditional support.

See ya’ll at lodge.

Brandon Cook


From the West – Nov/Dec 2015

Sr Warden JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Strength

Welcome to the month of November where the Lodge will be building on the Great Year our Worshipful Master Brandon Cook has given our Brothers and the Craft.

One does not become a Master Mason by simply being raised to that Great Fraternity of Brotherhood. One becomes a Master Mason by embracing the principles which our ceremonies have taught us. It behooves each of us to become members of the Craft in the spirit as well the men we are. Only then will we be worthy to receive the true meaning of a Master Mason.

Whether one reaches that goal is dependent on practicing the true laws of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, and to be placed as a true living stone in that Celestial temple above to be seated with our Infinite Creator. It is important that we constantly strive to make smooth that rough ashlar, and embrace and follow the Great and important lessons of Freemasonry, which are taught by each of the Degrees we have vowed to cherish and follow along the rough and rugged road

To be a Brother in the Lodge and follow our footsteps to the point of being a better man each day of life and practice those principles that support Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth within and outside the Lodge. Be the best that you can be to yourself, your family, our Brethren, The Craft and the World. You will find Peace and Joy in your life. As we move into the New Year for the Lodge, each of us must remember the paths we have taken to make this year successful and to build on that Foundation to make our Lodge & Craft a better place to be for all mankind.

Thank each of you for your commitments and continued support for The Craft and the World we all are a part of.


Hugo Ramos

Senior Warden

From the South – Nov/Dec 2015

Jr Warden JewelGreetings Brethren from the Station of Beauty

As the year progresses, we find ourselves happily engaged in the business of Masonry.  I just returned from the 166th Grand Lodge Communication in San Francisco, a meaningful and most interesting experience.  I was able to renew contacts with brothers from all over the state, as well as trade ideas and experiences.  We conducted the legislative and heard the judicial business of the order.  A report on the passed, failed and held-over matters will be available at the November Stated Meeting.  An overview of services and activities of our Order were reported, from the Masonic Homes to the Masonic Service Bureau, from the Youth Groups to the California Masonic Foundation, as well as other groups our Order is active with.

Our new Grand Master is Most Worshipful M. David Perry.  Very Worshipful Art Salazar was elected Grand Treasurer (one of our Orange County boys). I am sure he has a tight rein on the finances already.

Novembers Stated Meeting will be our traditional Swiss Steak Dinner, bring your appetite and be prepared to vote in the elections that night.  December’s Stated Meeting will serve as the kickoff for the Holiday Season as well as our new Masonic Year, with our new lineup of officers.  See you there!

Until the next time, respectfully and fraternally submitted,

Robb Morris

Junior Warden

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